Spot & Stain

Our friendly experienced team are used to working with all types of spots, marks and stains on customers upholstery and carpets.


The best treatment is a targeted early treatment followed by calling professionals. We may be able to resolve the issue over the phone with some advice free of charge. 

"I feel very lucky we found Time2shine"

Dawn Fennelly, Hassocks

Using the wrong products, temperature or even rubbing a spot could permanently & irreversibly stain your floor. But do not worry we are always on hand with plenty of advice to keep your carpets looking their best.

No one should ever guarantee removal of a stubborn mark or stain as there is just to many variables. However we can guarantee we have trained with the best in the industry and our track record speaks for itself.

On arrival we will run through a pre inspection of your carpets, this allows you to highlight any areas of concern you may have & also allows us to gather information on the carpet. 

During this information process we can use specialist UV lights to detect pet urine otherwise invisible to the eye.  

We use various machines to reach deep into the pile & sometimes underlay such as a water claw as seen in the video on the top of this page reaching deep into flush out spills, marks, blood, urine, you name it!

These are all treated with appropriate products to break down, remove & sanitise

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Advanced Urine detection & Treatment

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Our Treatments

  • Stain Removal

  • Deep Sanitise Clean Antimicrobial

  • Stain Protection Treatment

  • Odour Management

  • Pet Urine Treatment

We are members of the NCCA - National Carpet Cleaners Association - which guarantees we have been trained & tested before acceptance meaning you will receive the very highest standard of cleaning. 

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